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'People Doing Stuff' Random Image Finder

About the 'People Doing Stuff' Random Image Finder

Note: This is an updated version. Because of new XSS behaviours linking the data in a frame is no longer allowed. So Just Click on the Generated phrase and be amazed.

I am a big fan of the diddly.com 'Random Personal Picture Finder'. I've spent many nights just hitting reload for hours and hours on that site.

The thing that I like most about it is the way that I can just stumble upon things. Things I would never have found out about otherwise. There is also the voyeuristic nature of it. Seeing glimpses into other people lives is interesting. You see an image. You imagine a little story that goes along with it. Hopefully you gain a little empathy for your fellow man.

That is why I wrote the 'People Doing Stuff' random image finder. Sometimes I just like to see where the net will take me. I click it, see a little thumb nail and think, "What the heck is that?" Open it in a new tab and have a window into a unknown world.

So how to use this thing. Sip your favorite beverage. Click on the new name and verb button for a few hours and enjoy.

Frames!! Are you nuts? Why did you write this using frames?

I cannot think of another way to do this than with frames. I tried writing it as a AJAX thingy. Where the requests went into a <div> tag. Guess What? The browsers kept denying it because it looked like cross site scripting. Ah well. If you know a way around this let me know.

*Warning: search results may produce images you may find inappropriate.