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When we first made the MP$ calculator, one of the biggest requests was: "Can you make a kilometeres / euro calculator?" Yes we can. We will even go one step further and allow you to create your own distance / currency calculator. Just enter all of the requested info in the form, hit 'Submit Query' and email a link to your friends.


MP$ Calculator

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Why a MP$ calculator?

In the past you might ask someone, "How far to Kansas?," and he'd respond, "Oh, that's a three-day journey." (Of course, back in America's Dark Ages, the 1960's and 1970's--you might have been told, "That is a three-beer trip.")

Once we realized, however, that time equals money, we started thinking differently. We each decided, "If time equals money and it takes three hours to drive to a destination, not only am I losing those three hours that I could be spending making money, I am also losing money on the gas to get there." Americans now became obsessed with MPG (miles-per-gallon). It didn't matter to us that we were driving cars that sucked up gas; as long as our cars had a higher MPG rating than those of our neighbors, we convinced ourselves that all was well.

At some point the Powers That Be decided that political instability in the world would be the determining factor in setting the price of gas. (Never mind that nations have always been, in one way or other, unstable--long before petroleum became the cornerstone of the world economy.) Average Americans were soon obsessed with watching the supposed parallels between world events and gas prices. Fluctuating gas prices became more fun to watch than the stock market. No one ever seemed able to explain why gas prices changed the way they did. Sure, the old "supply and demand" excuse was given, and that seemed a simple enough explanation, but it didn't bear up to close scrutiny.

And so now we come back to the original question: Why do we need a miles-per-dollar calculator?

It's simple. It's time that we add a new weapon to our arsenal of thought, a new way of seeing the economy and our shiny new Web 2.0 world. Believe me--when you start thinking about how much money it costs to drive one mile it changes your whole perspective on life. You start to question reality--the world as it really is versus the world as it has been presented to you. And with this changed perspective you might one day even hope to understand "supply and demand."


If you have questions or comments about the MP$ calculator, find a bug in the math or an error in the grammar, or just hate the color scheme, please send them to mpd.

NOTE: We know that the fuel is only a small part of the total cost of using a car. The MP$ calculator does not compute the *total* cost of driving (i.e. insurance, depreciation, tolls, repairs, registration etc). The MP$ calculator was designed as a *simple* tool to help you appreciate your fuel spending from a different perspective.


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